How do I fix the grid for mobile responsiveness for the images?

I got the image overlay to work on hover. But I don’t know what is wrong with the grid. How do I fix the grid for mobile responsiveness? Possibly a bigger image when viewed on smaller devices.

how to adjust the media query for this?

Here’s the code for it

The fiddle you posted does not bear much resemblance to your image. It looks as though you have put in some template code rather than the resulting html, post processing.
I have unlisted the topic until you can post some more helpful code.

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I’m very close to making it responsive. Is there a way to center the images using boostrap and html/css? I’m also using a ruby on rails to upload onto the server.

i tried center-block, and using margins/padding and even media queries, but I had to keep using 4-5 different media queries and I don’t think I would like to use so much. It be easier if it would just center than leave so much space on the right side…

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