How do i find which site is copied from other one?


Recently i’ve noticed while taking site audit for my site and found other website also have same contents and information, only url is different. How do i know which site is original and which one is copied? I’m totally confused in this regard…:confused: pls help me to find out solutions…


You can check copied contents with help of copy-scape and see which site has copied content from original site.

You can check in which site posted the content first. I hope this can help.

Where are you getting the contents for your own site? If you don’t know whether your own content is original or not, it seems to me you have a real problem.


Unfortunately, CopyScape won’t tell you which is the original and which is the copy. Nor will it tell you if the copy is legal or not.

If this is your own site, then you should surely know where you got your content from (as TechnoBear points out). If it is not, then you would have to contact the content owners. But why should they tell you? (And why would you want to know?).



Yes technobear, i have the same problem. I’m confused about my website contents?

[FONT=Verdana]Well, as I said before, where are you getting the content? If you’re writing it yourself, then you know that it’s original. If you’re not writing it yourself, then how are you sourcing your content?


Use CopyScape to determine if duplicate content exists, then use ‘The Wayback Machine’ at in order to determine which came first.
Not all pages will show up at however if it does then there’s your answer.

i think it is not possible to trace that which is copied content, if you don’t have copyright on that content. and for this you should contact your content writer, after that you can take some legal action too.

i don’t know if there is a way to trace who owns the original content. if you hire a writer for your site, just ask that writer about it.

Duplication of content is a major issue. There are lot of tolls available to check the same and few have been mentioned on the above discussions made so far. But, why do we need a copied content or a relevant content from other website. It is your own website so make sure that content writer keeps the utmost care to bring a fresh and unique content in front of you, otherwise it is of no use. Search engines are filled with myriads of relevant website but who comes on top is just because of their uniqueness and freshness of content. My point is let it be copyscape or archive it is the same until and unless we don’t give attention to the content.

The most simple way to check copied content is by putting double quotes in search bar of search engine with the content phrase you will get to find the relevant sites from whom the content has been copied and tools are also available as discussed above.