How do I find a good classifieds program?

Not sure which forum to post this in, sorry.

My plan is to use a “out of the box” classifieds program and make a few user interface changes to make a car registry. If you look around the web all you see is a bunch of programs and reviews that beat up on each other and its nearly impossible to know which ones are good, or real for that matter. I thought I found a good one ( but had to submit a ticket to “purchase” it and haven’t heard back from them.

Any suggestions?

I’m not very experienced with php or databases but I have hired help to get it done.


Back in the day I worked with classifieds scripts from a fair bit - they were ok, with a ton of features, and I had good support when I needed it. was also good if you needed something more basic.

The way that a professional system analyst would do it is to begin with a requirements definition. Another way of saying that is that you should have a clear definition of what you need the system to do.

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