How do I explain copyright and the web?

On a website I am putting the copyright symbol and all rights reserved with my client’s name at the bottom of the website. I guess legally I own the website’s copyright unless the contract states otherwise? Well I’m giving them the website …
But someone is insisting that I should register the website’s copyright before I put copyright information on the bottom. Is this correct, or can I just put the copyright on the bottom of the page. If I can put the copyright info at the bottom of the page without registering it, where can I find info to send this person that is fighting me?
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Also: Something that document doesn’t mention, you don’t even need the bit at the bottom of the page stating the copyright exists (though it helps back up the notification so people don’t wrongly assume it’s not covered if it’s not there - ignorance pleas). If you’re giving it to the client (including copyright), put their name in the message at the bottom and only register it if you feel their likely to get other people claiming ownership over it… easy as pie. :slight_smile:

My personal feeling
it depends upon location as well unless it is worldwide patent or something similar.(We have company Google consultancy ,Google Institute which writes Google Inc) in our country…lol)
Location of two people fighting

I have heard and read if content is original you dont need to explicitly register copyright for it,it is copyrighted from the moment it is created(highly controversial but it says so…) what they say is registering makes it easier to prove that you are the owner on disputes…
Applies for getty images,i dont think they registers copy right for each image ,they ever they publish in their web becomes copyrighted to them…(unless stated otherwise…)

While different countries have different rules in regards to copyright, the laws are pretty strictly enforced wherever you are, claiming it’s on a region by region basis isn’t true, you violate laws it stands even if it’s across international soil… patents have nothing to-do with it. I’ve no idea why your re-posting what other people have said, claiming automatic copyright assignment is controversial (when it’s probably the best thing ever to happen to copyright).

There is no way to register copyright in most countries because it is considered to be unnecessary. The author gains the copyright as they write the work and so registering it is considered to be redundant.

Wrong: Most countries DO have a way to register copyright and there’s a very good reason to-do so, with implied copyright (from the date of the work being authored) it’s hard to prove “when” you created the work and that you did do so. Officially registering it with an independent body ensures that you have a much greater standing in court, as and when you need to prove your ownership over the item - it’s a simple case of having added backing to your claim of copyright. :slight_smile:

and i feel this is highly controversial (atleast for me) and always end up with win-win situation for godzilla’s of the industry.

For eg,the lines i just wrote might have written by you somewhere(may be 90%) sometime in yourlife (may be 2 years back…)
so doesnt it mean that it is copyrighted to you,as it seems as if it was created by you initially…
so there are lots of things like this,so i guess,you dont need to register and it gets automatically copyrighted as u create is highly controversial …
but i also it is truth in the current situation…