How do i embed any URL in my site?Way to hide website unwanted section

How do i embed any URL in my site? or Way to hide website unwanted section of site which Im embedding like website address part…
Aim is to make users think that any site embedded is not the other site like without border etc

“How can I steal another website’s content and make it look like it’s my own.”

… mmmh no thanks. I’ll pass.

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Y do u think in negative way…dont u feel embedding make any good site more exposure

You say “it’ll give it more exposure”… but then you’re asking how to strip off the other site’s branding.

Yeah, no. You’re not gonna sell that one to me.


lol dont u promote any site

If I was going to promote a site, I would create a link to them in my own content that says
The site is a great information source on this matter, check out their content at

I would not embed their website into my own, certainly without asking.
If I DID have permission to embed their site into my own, I would not try to remove their branding from their content, which is an attempt at misleading my readers into thinking that their content is my own (and therefore exposes me to legal ramifications… just saying.)


but my gdrive cant i embed

Are you asking how to host a file on Google Drive and embed it in your own web page, rather than just linking to it?

no i just want to embed any url in my wp site

Can’t iframes be used in WordPress? It seems that even if not in posts, it would be possible in pages, is this not the case?

But iframe content when I onclick it open in to new window of embeded url…i want opening of window should be inside iframe

Don’t “frame buster” the pages you’re putting in the iframe? i.e. whatever you’re doing that causes the pages to open in a new window, don’t do that.

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Y don’t do that.

If you embed content using an iframe, it does not automatically open to the source site if you click on it.

That means you must have something in your code causing that behaviour. Whatever it is, you need to omit it.

If you were to explain why you are trying to do this, then it’s possible someone could suggest a better solution to your problem. As it is, it does look suspiciously as if you are trying to use content from another site without giving due credit.

… doesn’t it mean more likely there’s something in the embedded code? If, for example, you iframe a page that has links with target=‘_blank’


Sorry, I wasn’t very clear there. It would have been better to say:

That means there must be something in the code causing that behaviour. Whatever it is, you need to omit it.

In the example given the OP seems to be trying to embed Google drive content, implying that what they want to embed is their own content and they would therefore have full control. However, without further clarification, that is just guesswork.

Below is what ive here

<iframe style="width: 100%; height: 600px; border: 0;" src=""></iframe>

But iframes are used to embed another HTML page, and those are not HTML documents.

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