How do I draw more attention to my first auction on Flippa?

So, i have started my first auction on Flippa and I am worried that no one is going to view it and place any bids? Can anyone give me any tips on how to drive more traffic to my auction page?

Heres the auction:—RealEstate-ai

I got it from a search at I didn’t think it worth my time to use all my link searching and other tools to do a complete analysis on this site.

I’m out of this thread. All the best with your sale.

30,000 pages isn’t a big deal. It’s relatively easy to build hundreds of thousands of pages via automated means and publicly accessible databases. That they are indexed may have a small value to a few people but we’re talking in the tens of dollars rather than hundreds of dollars. If they were 30,000 hand written articles, that’s a different matter.

Value of the custom CMS = almost $0 (or maybe even a negative figure)

What you spent on it or how much you’d charge is irrelevant. Almost no buyer wants to take on a custom CMS developed by someone else, learn how it works, fix the bugs and commit to continue developing/maintaining it unless there’s some large income to support spending that time.

The domain name does nothing for me with that ai. In fact, it tells me (and the search engines) that it’s not about US real estate.

The difficult things to build are the ones that buyers are willing to pay the most money for. Examples: Revenue. Revenue. And Revenue.

Or at least, huge traffic figures.

Or hundreds of thousands of quality links (you’ve got 20).

Some would pay for high PageRank (yours is 0)

Where did you get the idea you could get a lot of money for this on Flippa?

hmmm well, i know this might be my first rodeo on Flippa, but its definitely not my first time building and branding web properties.

With that said, I can see a handful of other sites on Flippa that are going for a lot more that have hardly any value added.

So whats the value added with How about over 30,000 pages already indexed in Google. A premium domain name in a highly profitable industry. All built on top of a custom CMS.

If my company were to quote building this type of site for a client, we would shoot for around $5,000 not including the awesome domain name.

20 links? Where did you get the idea that you could count links?!links?



Thats strange because when I use the linkdomain operator at yahoo for this site I get a few hundred backlinks.

Oh well, it doesn’t really matter seeing how Yahoo has already confirmed that they aren’t counting links anymore on account of switching their search tech to Bing.

Thanks for the well wishes!

You could get in touch with real estate firms and direct them to the page. You could buy a link in a realestate agents’ newsletter. You could identify other potential buyers in neighbouring industries and assess the most efficient ways of reaching them.

However, in this case I don’t believe it’s worth the effort. You admit in your auction that there is no revenue and no traffic. That considered, I believe the site has far too high a starting price and a close to impossible BIN. You aren’t getting bids not because the right people aren’t seeing your listing but because there’s very little to justify an opening bid of $6,000.