How do I disable css featured image rollover

I am using fusion avada wordpress theme on and even though it is upto date I can longer save any options in admin so need to do everything through CSS.

I am trying to disable the featured image rollover here can anyone point me in the right direction please.

If you right-click on the element and select “Inspect Element” you will see that there is a div with a class of ‘fusion-rollover’. What will happen if you give that class ‘display: none’?

.fusion-rollover {
    display: none;
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Thanks for that I had tried that before and it didn’t seem to work but have added it in again with !important and it’s working fine now although it has disabled the link to the blog from the featured image but the there is still a link from the title so you can get there.

I’m glad that worked for you. The link was not on the image, but on the roll-over. That’s why it also disappeared.

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