How do I debug this CSS issue?

I have got an issue with a glyphicon that doesn’t come up as it should. This is driving me nuts because when I use that icon in a plain html page it comes up just fine but inside that function that displays the datetime picker, it doesn’t.
As it is a private project I am not allowed to publish the code so my question is how to debug this? I am usually right-clicking the element but when clicking the “Inspect” link the picker disappears and the Developer Tools are displayed but without the context of the popup therefore I can’t see the reference of the missing icon. See

Instead of right-click then ‘Inspect’ in the drop-down menu, try clicking on the icon in the top-left corner of Developer Tools (two buttons to the left of “Elements” button). Then left-click on your missing glyphicon symbol. Does that work?

Hi Archibald,

I am assuming you’re talking about the icon I am pointing with the rose arrow below on the print screen below, right? When doing this the datetime picker goes away !

I managed to extract all parts of the project I am working on. You can see the form here.

At #2 the green arrow is pointing to the space where the icon should appear. I managed to get the HTML code when running the js script and it appears to be fine.

<table class="table-condensed">
<td><a data-action="togglePicker" title="Select Time"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-time"></span></a></td>
<td><a data-action="close" title="Close the picker"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-remove"></span></a></td>

The same icon is shown at #1.

 <span class="glyphicon glyphicon-remove"></span>

This is the print screen:

I see the glyph appears here if you click the 'Tryit; button for the glyphicon-remove:

Does inspection of the files in the <head> help?

In Developer Tools you can see in the <head> that there is a <style type="text/css"> (although it is not in the source code). By appending .glyphicon-remove:before {content: "\274C";} to the CSS I have had a red dingbat “cross mark” appear. Alternatively .glyphicon-remove:before {content: "\2716";} for a black dingbat “heavy multiplication X”,Note these characters then appear both in the top-left and where required bottom right. Is this the basis of a possible work-around? Or does this give a clue as to why the bottom-right glyph does not appear? Is the order of files in the <head> important?


Fixed !!

Inspired by your comment I started to poke around that application I didn’t write, it isn’t always easy to take over other people’s jobs, even when it is fairly well written as is the case here.

After removing one by one the CSS files I found out that the style.min.css was causing the interference. A 12.000 lines CSS file! Eventually, I found a section referring to that datetimepicker and by adding the line marked in yellow below I managed to display the icon as I wanted. I didn’t know that parts of the datetimepicker component were being referenced in that CSS as I thought that was handled by the tempusdominus-bootstrap-3.min.css

Thank you Archibald for the feedback, somehow your last post put me on the right track. Ending the day on a high note !!

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I would just use the HTML date picker :grinning:

I needed the time also, anyway, I double-checked this morning and it is working fine. Let’s move to some other surprises.

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