How do I debug a CKEditor installation on Drupal 7?

I installed the the CKEditor module in Drupal 7. I’ve also installed the CKEditor JavaScript library from the website CKEditor. However, no matter what I do, the editor don’t show up as it is supposed to.

Use the wysiwyg module and then add ckeditor as a library. It will give you the most flexibility.

You install wysiwyg, then you upload ckeditor into your libraries folder /sites/all/libraries. Then you go to Configuration > Content Authoring > Wysiwyg Profiles and set up your Ckeditor options.

Note: I’ve read some discussions about Ckeditor changing the format of their internal versioning that causes trouble. I use TinyMCE. I like it better so I don’t know much about the trouble people have had with Ckeditor but thaat may be why you can’t see it.