How do I create this pointed circle effect in Illustrator

Can somebody tell me how to create the effect of the attached where there’s a circle with pointed edges in Illustrator CS? I’ve tried using the triangle tool then pressed up a bunch of times while creating it, but the points are like halfway between the middle and outer edge of the circle. I don’t want to points to go in any more than a few pixels.

Also, is there an easy way to place multiple circles on top of each other so their centerpoint is exactly on top of one another? If so, how do I do this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have illustrator in front of me right now so i can’t help with your first question. with the second one then you could clone or duplicate, paste in Place or use your align tools.


Use the star shapes tool… :slight_smile:

I had said triangle tool but I meant the star tool. I don’t see anyway to set the distance between where the inner points are from the outside of the circle. I tried double clicking in the document after selecting the tool but it only lets me set the size/units and number of points.

I see what your trying to do now, just use the Control key

I tried using the control key while drawing the circle and after it was selected but I couldn’t figure out how to change the inner points with it. I’m on a Mac so maybe that makes a difference??

ok, yeah sorry im on xp here, maybe do a search on google “drawing star in Illustrator MAC”

you could create your “<” shape, clone a bunch, drag the rotation point to the center of a circle used as a guide, rotate them around that axis and join them. be pretty tedious though. i’m no illustrator guru and am still using version 8, but if CS has an “array” function like CAD software, that would automate it.

I agree with russbellon,

Draw a triangle. Select it, Go to Tranform/Rotate. Rotate it by a few degrees, check “copy”. Then there is a shortcut key to “transform” keep pressing it until you gen the full shape. THen select them all, and in the pathfinder Im pretty sure theres an option where you can merge them all and only get the outer path. Then yuo can fill it with the gradient, as in your example.

Oh, and there is absolutely no difference between illustrator on mac, and pc. Unless theyre different versions ofcourse.



…what a drag - it’s a two step process in CorelDRAW.

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