How do i create FTP info on my dedicated server


im running Windows 2008 RC 64 bit

its on a dedicated server, i installed FTP publishing Service and FTP server on Web IIS, how can i create users, passwords and adress to connect via FileZilla

do i need to install FTP Management Console

if anyone knows the solution.



I would expect your “service” to have an admin (control panel) to control users. If not, I must recommend that you go to their website and ask how you’re supposed to use their software.



Not quite DK. There are two options here–use Windows Authentication (ie–create windows users) or use .NET authentication (ie–use a database to store authentication data). At least if you installed the new-style FTP 7.5, which I think you did–can you manage it from the same IIS7 admin tool as your web stuff?

Anyhow, see IIS.NET for instructions on how to setup either security system.