How do I create a thank you form page with a summary and PayPal Button?

I’m running the latest version of Wordpress (3.1.2) and need to create a form that, when submitted, will produce a Thank You page with my own text, a summary of the data that the user submitted, as well as a PayPal button. I’ve installed the Custom Contact Forms plugin, and it looks very user friendly, but I’m not sure how to create what I just described. It allows you to create a custom Thank You Page with HTML, but you have to follow certain parameters.

Would appreciate step-by-step instructions on how to do this. I just need instructions for the basic template of it. I can fill in the specific code after I have that.


I would check out Gravity Forms: WordPress Forms - Gravity Forms Contact Form Builder and Lead Data Management Plugin For WordPress or Wufoo: [url=]Wufoo: Online Form Builder - Create Web Forms & Surveys

They are, IMHO, the best and easiest to use options for creating forms on Wordpress and allow you to do what you are trying to do.