How do i create a stock market website?


how do i create a similar site like
stockbank com sg

what language do i use ?

Stock portfolio management is a requirement

Can anyone point me the right direction
Thank you so much

We have built a trading platform for physical bullion which kind of does the same as that website, as far as I can tell (although that website has a lot more products).

We built the original site in PHP and MySQL, we’re currently building a new version using the following technologies:

As you can see, it takes a lot of software to run something like this. That’s because there’s a lot of real-time background processing involved in this kind of application. Do you have experience with real-time asynchronous processing?

So far we’ve spent about 2 months developing the new site (the old one was in continual development, I think I’ve spent almost a full year developing it and updating/ expanding the functionality), and we need another 1,5 months before we can actually launch anything. That’s with 2.5 FTEs working on it.

Another important thing is your knowledge. Do you understand securities markets? Do you know the difference between a stop-loss and a regular limit order? What a straddle is? A bear market?

And don’t forget security :slight_smile: ooh, and maintenance, it’s a full-time job for things like this!

As you can see, it’s quite difficult to build something like this. Maybe there’s software already available for this? I had a quick look on Google, and there’s enough to find.

Good luck!

Hi Immerse,

Thank you for your reply, it was very insightful.
I work as a stock broker so i do have a certain level of financial knowledge.
Unfortunately, i do not know much about programming but i am very keen to learn.
It started as a hobby and now i am looking to develop a very simple stock portfolio management system that is web based and local.
Thinking of yahoo finance api, trying to learn how to use its data.

Any idea what language does the website[the one i listed above] use ?
Thank you for your time

That website uses CodeIgniter, running on PHP and Apache on CentOS server.

First thing to do is to set a new, somewhat simpler project for yourself, maybe something like ‘building an online market-ticker’ or something. That should keep you occupied for a bit, and quietly introduce you to the data management required for something like this.

And Code Igniter might also be a good framework to look at. It may seem complicated at first, but using a framework will definitely help you in the long run.

How much have gone further in yahoo finance api…
Even i have to work on similar project in college actually the same and i thought of using java and yql language…
Please help…

Why would I use your stock market website when my broker has a better looking one that I can actually make trades in?


Does it matter anyway? Maybe he’s not even looking to make it public for you. Maybe him or his firm has a need for something specific down the road. A comment like this could be thrown on literally every thread that comes into SP from a beginner eager to learn.

Maybe a bit of a tangent, but I just started reading SitePoint’s recent release Jump Start Node.JS.
It’s main focus is javascript, but it walks through the development of a stock market app so it might be of interest. You could always take a look at the free sample chapters to see if it’s something you might like to try.