How do i create a retractable menu?

Hi everyone, Im new to web design but after designing my first few sites just using html Ive started to get the bug and want to some more elaborate things to improve them. One of these things is trying to sort out my own navigation menu.
After searching around seeing what could be done I came across this:

The hide able menu on this wordpress theme is something I would love to learn how to create anyone know how it was created or of any tutorials I could follow to achieve this with a completly custom look?


Hi azura. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

That menu behavior is a combination of CSS and jQuery (a version of JavaScript). You can see some of the code for it here:

A good way to learn how to do a dropdown is to study the “Suckerfish” method:

And then if you want to enhance it with JavaScript, take a look at Superfish:

Hi Ralph.m Thanks for your reply Ill do that and hopefully create my own version