How do I create a Form linked to a database in Dreamweaver CS4?

hey all!
I am a complete beginner in using on-line databases, but can code fairly well in html. I wanted to create a form linked to a database (preferably a local database, but if it is on-line, are there any free services?), and I wanted the user to be taken to a predefined page afterwards, the homepage.
Thanks in advance.

First you would have to create a connection to the DB that will perform the actions you are looking to do. And then once you decide if you are going to get or post the data. (if you want the data to display in the url use get if you don’t use post)

Yes you have to have a database and access to it, there are free services around the net including Google Docs CSV and API’s to store and retrieve information.

On the main menu bar at the top (File - Edit - View - Insert - etc)

  1. Place the cursor on the page or in the code where you would like the form to be displayed.
  2. Select Insert > Form > Form, A pop up will appear
  3. Choose a method from the drop down post or get
  4. Name the Form
  5. Select a target (I prefer self)

If you are going to store your DB Query code in a separate file in the action tab browse for the file you are going to use and set it obviously. You can add a header redirect to the end of your DB query code to send the user to the pre defined page once the script is done processing

i am really grateful for the great help :slight_smile: