How do i convert a Joomla template to basic html/css template?

I have a Joomla template installed on my shopping cart site. But i want the similar template and css styling, as a basic HTML template, so i don’t have to use Joomla for editing. Is there an simple way to convert the template to basic HTML/CSS template?

Hi berrythomas. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

I guess it depends on how you need to work with that page. Do you want it to be a completely static page, or does it still need to have PHP activity happening on it (where products are displayed etc.)?

If just static, you could View Source on the rendered page, copy it all, paste it into a new file and just delete all the Joomla-specific code. You’d still have to check that the layout remains intact, and you may have to alter the CSS at bit.

Does that help?