How do I change preferences to disable "Show Extras" by default?

Somehow I changed the preference of when I open an image it’s covered with extra (beware techie term): “gunk”. How do I get rid of the “gunk” by default without having to hit Control-H every time I open an image. Thanks.

what software are you using ;)?

OOOps! Photoshop! :slight_smile:

anyone have ideas?

What are those “extras” anyways? Nothing happens for me with ctrl+h

From photoshop 6.0, within an image, type
Show extras

I will post a picture for the result on my screen…

see that 01 and email image? And gridlines? That’s what I mean…

View > Show > Slices

click it off it it’s on… that may solve your problem.

Thanks…that didn’t do the trick by itself but it freed somehow the options so that when I turned off other options they stayed turned off, which wasn’t happening before…

Oh I see… it controls everything in the “show” submenu.


Under the Edit / Preferences / Guides, Grids and Slices menu, uncheck the “Show Slice Numbers” at the bottom left of the preference menu. I think this is what you are looking for.

Duh…thanks for reminding me where that was…been turning it off ever friggin new file…lol…

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