How do I change IIS Service Accounts? (was IIS services)

Is there a way to change the web services (from Windows) from SYSTEM to an Admin account? (Cos i need to use PHP’s system() to run a process on the system but it only takes in user: ADMIN and not SYSTEM

I have tried changing the following processes:
IIS Admin
World Wide Web Publishing
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

but i still get a dependency error. Please advise.

Or should I use Apache?

Moved to the Server Management forum as it is a more appropriate venue.

Anyhow, you should never run IIS as administrator as there are very, very large security risks involved. LOCAL SYSTEM is actually more powerful in many regards, so you should be able to do anything you need to do with it.

What version of IIS/Windows are we talking about here?

If you are using IIS6, you should have a look at the group IIS_WPG.

I would guess it means worker process group.

It is the context under which the w3psvc.exe process runs.

w3psvc.exe is what runs your php dll, so this is where the mod needs to take place.

Grant only the BARE MINIMUM permissions needed to get this job done to this group.

You might also look at the user “NETWORK SERVICE” if php is running under this security context.

The best way to figure out which user is being used to access the functionality is to turn on security auditing on the object you are accessing and look for the failures.

hi all,
I am using IIS 6.
The reason why i choose to change the SYSTEM to ADMIN because
when I run a PHP system(‘whoami’), it gives me the login username to the server and that is what i need.
However, when i run system(‘abc.perl’), the process seems to be running on SYSTEM user, which i will have a problem controlling it.

Please advise someone.

I am still not quite following what you are doing, but you should probably check the permissions on those scripts and make sure that NETWORK SERVICE has access to them as I think that is the user account that will be used.

I have a Windows server that is run and logged in with server admin user A with all the necessary services running on the server. Our IIS has Anonymous Access of root network domain user B.

And when I run a PHP script to use it SYSTEM() function to run the command ‘whoami’ in the shell (for e.g SYSTEM(‘whoami’))
user A is provided. This means that PHP is running the process (system) under the same user. This is what we want.

However if we run a SYSTEM(‘example.perl’) or SYSTEM(‘c:\perl\bin\perl.exe example.perl’), the child process (perl) is running as user SYSTEM.

I just need this perl process to be run as user A