How do I build backlinks for my AI video tool comparison site?

I need some help here. I launched my site aividpro some months ago comparing AI video and audio tools that help small businesses generate social media content in a more streamlined way.

The issue is with my SEO. How do I get backlinks from sites with relevant content to mine if there are very few? I tried reaching out to some of those sites for a guest post with no luck.

Would appreciate any help or advice! :blush:

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Builiding quality backlinks is quite tough. As a specialist in search engine optimization i’m sharing the steps to create high quality backlinks.

  1. Guest Post: Guest posting has been always one of the best techniques for Seo. Publish your article to relevant sites and get backlinks from there. Just make sure that the article is new is not posted on other sites

  2. Social Media Links: Social Media link can be created easily. These types of links can drive extra traffic to your site.

  3. Broken Link Building: By analyzing competitor’s backlink profile and if there is a broken link ask the website to link your site.

make sure you are using high quality content on your site.