How do I build a CoinMarketCap clone?

Hi, how would I go ahead and build a coinmarketcap/coingecko clone in a simple matter? Step by step would be appreciated, thank you.

spend a few million, get a legitimate source of data feed, hold a few dozen million for legal fees, pay a team of web developers to do the work.

(were you really expecting a step by step guide on how to do this in your spare time for free?)

Yes I was and if you dont have a good reply then dont waste your time here

Welcome to the forums, @jakejakeson.

If you are a beginner looking for complete instructions for a project, I think you will be disappointed. The forums are here for discussion and to answer specific questions, but it’s outwith the scope of the forums to teach a complete subject from start to finish.

If you’re just looking for some general guidance on what would be involved in building such an app, you may have better luck.

I mean, I feel i’ve already done that… CoinMarketCap is a site that has had millions upon millions invested in its full-time development over 10 years that interfaces with crypto exchanges around the world at near-real-time speeds, while being owned by a REGULATED (yes i put that word in big, because here comes your legal fees) crypto-exchange Binance. It’s not a site you will be able to mock up in XAMPP in a few lines of explanation.

It’s not a “bad” reply, just not the one the OP wants to hear.


yes you can make coincapmarket/coingecko clone by using Javascript, and also integrating the crypto currency data through API’s.

So you want to explain to the OP how to implement that Buy button securely through the statement “using Javascript”?

Yes this is what is was thinking, a simple website showing the crypto prices etc and their names

How would I do this? I’m confused with the “stacks” react and stuff, will it work with only html css and JavaScript and use Wordpress as platform?

What buy button? Maybe I was not being clear, but I meant a simple front page that is showing the crypto names and prices. Nothing more than that, and using coingecko api for the data.

thats not at all what you said. you said:

building a clone means duplicating exactly. Coinmarketcap is a lot more than “a simple front page that is showing the crypto names and prices”.

So you need to specify a lot better exactly what it is you want, or noone is going to be able to help you. “showing the crypto names and prices”… from where? using what filters? What markets? what exchanges? You have walked into the car dealership, and said “I want a vehicle”. And now you’re confused as to why all the salespeople are looking at you expectantly.

You say you want to use the coingecko api. Have you purchased a coingecko api key? Are you intending on trying to use the demo?

If I use their api, I don’t have to think about exchanges and stuff? Counmarketcap api is free to use for personal use

its free to demo, but you still have to sign up, and the demo reaches are limited. make sure youve reviewed the limits, because the charges imposed above that limit can be… eye watering…