How do I bookmark on Technorati?

I’ve created an account on Technorati. But I can’t post the Bookmark. Please help.

well you can submit your blog on technorati n while doing that they will send you code to make sure that the blog is owned by you. You can use digg, stumble and reddit for bookmarking purpose.

I was also confused about it. But now i have come to know how to be listed in technorati. Thanx for sharing.

I have also tried before to bookmark in technorati.Then I got to know that bookmarking option has been disabled.Now,we can search for a blog post & submit our blog over there.

You will get a code form technorati and you have to add it on your blog or site and they will automatically retrieve the data from your site.

That’s right! and to be able to get your site i technorati, you need to put a code in your site before you can claim it and become listed in technorati. If you own the site that you want to be listed, then easy. if you are promoting someone else blog, then you have to ask the owner to put the technorati code in their website before you can claim and probably listed in technorati.

Make sure your site or blog has a good and informative content or else it will not be approved to be listed in technorati. Good Luck!

A lot of people now use Google Bookmarks for the same purpose.

Previously, the option to bookmark website pages in Technorati was allowed but they have removed this option long back ago because of the spam links. The option of bookmarking is disabled and does not work anymore. But still, if you want, you can claim your blog or website in Technorati.

It’s been disabled by technorati