How do I block visitors from a specific country?


I have a few free dating sites and want block dating spammers who register on my websites.

I have been using htaccess to block a lots of IP addresses from my free dating sites. However, they still come back to register their profiles at my sites.

Is there a better way to block a specific country from my dating site?


In a word, GeoIP. Basically, a database of information translates IP addresses to global locations. It’s not extremely accurate since IP addresses are not tied to physical locations, but it’s certainly good enough to determine which countries IP addresses originate from.

One popular source: MaxMind - GeoLite Country | Open Source IP Address to Country Database
And their APIs: MaxMind - Resources for Developers

Another alternative source: My IP Address Lookup and GeoTargeting - Community Geotarget IP Project - domain to IP lookup, what country, city IP addresses map to - IP Trace

Yeah its sure! You can block all unwanted user. Using scripts we can check IP and identify the counrty and restrict them. I think there is some option to do this from the control panel itself, i am not sure.

Ask your server administrator to block the Geo Location (country) and its possible on Apache server.

Easiest way is to talk with your web host to block the range of IP of particular domain

Another one that my CMS uses is ip2nation.

If you have an Apache server, you can do this without scripting. Scripting will still allow them to poke around your site. Additionally you’d have to do it on all files, and change it every time a new one comes up.

deny a range: -

Is it possible to do the same thing on blogger blogspot sites also ?

Simplst would be getting it done from your webhost…

I believe that Blogger doesn’t have this feature. If you want to block certain countries that visit your blog, you have to ask your web hosting provider about this.