How do i block google from indexing only my community pages in joomla?

Hi friends.

I Recently started a community and discussion forum in joomla using jomsocial. Lots of pages getting indexed in google with duplicate title tags and meta description. This may affect my Search engine ranking. I would like to block google from indexing only my community pages not the articles. How do i do it. Please someone help.

The first question I’d ask is—Why not just add unique titles and descriptions to each page?

GWT ignores numeric paginated pages, also Canonical Links?

I have thought appending the first item title page from the paginated list of page items.

Any other suggestions before I start messing with scripts?

robots.txt (

@ awasson

Can you please tell how to create robot.txt to block specific pages. I want to block google from accessing both discussion forum and jomsocial community. Also i would like to display adsense ads on these page. Please help.

duplicate Pages’s are getting created like this below with same title tags - For the Discussion forum.

For Community

Well, with robots.txt you can tell the bot not to index a particular set of specific urls or a whole series of them

User-agent: *

#Don’t index anything in discussions or my-profile
Disallow: /discussions/
Disallow: /my-profile/

#Don’t index some specific pages
Disallow: /my-profile/182-christine
Disallow: /my-profile/186-ann
Disallow: /my-profile/189-nancy-curtin
Disallow: /my-profile/193-same

Does that make sense?

Thanks a lot AWASSON. if i block google. does the adsense ads will be displayed on those pages.