How do I become an icon designer?

I want to be able to learn doing icons, but don’t know where to start. All icons I can do must contain features from drawing softwares like circles, squares and stuff like that so I can do it. How can I grow beyond this level in terms of icon design?

Do what every other icon designer did—just be creative, practice, study (the work of others, books etc.), experiment … and make icons! You can’t afford to take a helpless attitude like this, or you will get nowhere.

Yep! If you have time, you can enroll on short courses in design. Know your software as well. You can try out adobe illustrator or coreldraw.

agreed, practice makes perfect.

Also respond to your client or projects’s needs.
Your icons would vary depending on the subject/theme/customer.
You would not be designing the same icons for google as you would for the website of the store down the street.
find yourself a couple of clients or friends that need them and start working.

Constant practice and research. Look for inspirations online that is worth copying and practice designing through these. Incorporate your own ideas as you go along and this is where it all begins.

Icon Designer? Only icon designing is not the complete subject. If you are create graphic designer with complete command of Photoshop you can design innovative icons.

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Thanks to all who took the trouble to reply.

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