How do I advertise myself?

I have set up a website, advertising my skills in web design and development.

I put my ad on kijiji, but I’m not sure how else to go about advertising my existence to the public.

Can anyone help me out or give me some advise ? Thanks!

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  • Facebook posting, networking with others in your industry and local businesses
  • Twitter posting, networking with others in your industry and local businesses
  • If you do a lot of design, you could do Dribbl or a Tumblr or Instagram
  • Network locally, and on web communities like this one, so that you have contacts when you need them
  • Ads in local papers or other mediums if you intend to have local traffic
  • Gigs on sites like Elance or Upwork, branded as your business
  • Search Google for freelance job boards, etc.
  • If you need more portfolio items, do a couple of free jobs - find a project and do it pro bono, but ensure that you retain design control and have a say (or all the say) in the decision making process, if you do that - do something that benefits your portfolio specifically.

Hope any of that helps


I once worked for a small web development company and I’ll tell you how the owner started and grew her business…

Start small, start local, and then spread out from there.

Design a bunch of mockups and stick them on a laptop. Then go canvas your neighborhood, visiting every little mom & pop business that might not have a website yet. Show them what you can offer them and leave your business card.

Start an affiliate program with your customers, giving them a commission for every new customer they bring in to you. Let them spread the word. They are your best hope for bringing in new business, since they aren’t just advertising for you, they are recommending you, while sharing their first hand experience of what it is like to work with you. If you get lucky, you might end up with a consultant as a client, who will convincingly recommend you to all of their clients.He may even include a website built by you in a package deal to his customers.

Offer to do sites for a limited number of local non-profits for free, for your portfolio (on a case by case basis). Often times you will have paying customers that their first experience with you and the quality of your work was through these non-profits that they just happen to work for. So you may get more than just a portfolio item out of it.


If you know anything about SEO, you could work on building your own website ranking for the relevant keywords around web design in your area. This would bring you good traffic (most of the time better than offline marketing and paid campaigns), make sure you have a good contact form to capture your enquiries and I agree with the above suggestions that a few love jobs are important to have a portfolio and positive references that your future clients can check out.

maybe you can try to share your website to social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, or to the bookmark sites like Diigo, Delicious, etc.

The best way is when your work speaks for you. You may accept small jobs to get testimonies. I have a small job at hand that I intend to do myself, I may decide to give u

hi Jedi,

You should check out - a really good site for freelancers. I have used people from there for a number of jobs.

hope this helps