How do i add the intro page in Wordpress

I got a problem with the Wordpress…

the site is already finished.but i need to put the Intro page at the beginning of the site. i don’t know where do i have to put it in the directory. the problem is when i changed the intro page to index.php, i can’t go to any always redirect to the intro page again and again…

i want intro page to be the first. how do i add the page at the beginning in Word press?
any suggestion…

thank you…

In your dashboard click Settings >> Reading

and you will see options to use a static page for the front of the blog.

You can select which page from a drop down box (it has to be a page created in wordpress under Write >> Pages )

but my intro page is flash …it’s not Wordpress template…:frowning:

you know, there is something is strange…

when we enter the website for example
that index.php doen’s work and it goes to

it is strange as well…
any suggestion?

It’s some sort of redirect.

Locate your index.php page within FTP. BACK IT UP ON YOUR LOCAL COMPUTER. Delete your index.php and replace it with your flash intro. Include a link within the flash that once it’s finish playing, link it to, as well as a link outside the flash linking to the same place.

I think that will solve your problems. I - and a lot of users - don’t particularly like Flash intros, but that’s another story for another time :slight_smile:

yes…but it doesn’t work…because…index.php is from wordpress. if i replace it entire site will be up side down…:wink:

plz help me…with that…

Okay, create the intro page and name it intro.html or index.html or whatever you want.html then open your .htaccess file and add:

DirectoryIndex intro.html index.php

This goes at the very top of the .htaccess file.

This will cause the server to load the first page in that list by default, then just simply link that file to the rest of your WP pages. or however you need it to work.

Though, you can also create a page template for WP that is stored in the theme directory, then create a page for the intro in the dashboard, add your content, select the custom page template you just made from the drop down in the dashboard, then follow the above posters advice on how to make it load by default.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

you could also re-install wordpress in a subfolder and have you intro in the root.

now i works properly…:wink:
Thank you guys…:wink:

Cool, glad to hear it, what method did you use?

Hi, I did the steps that you posted here, but Can You help me with something? after the flash intro.html ends i made to redirect to index.php But it goes in the loop, i mean it goes back to intro.html :shifty: