How do I add footer wordpress blog?

I want to add footer link in my wordpress blog. The theme is the default wordpress theme. Could anyone please tell me how to add footer links in my wordpress blog?
Expecting HELP.:slight_smile:

You will add it in the footer.php file. Located in the theme directory.

start the process like this first login into control panel of your hosting account and go to wp-content folder and then to the themes folder. find out your current theme and then change the file permissions of the file footer.php to 777. Login into your blog and click appearance and then editor there you will find the file named footer.php, before editing the file copy the content to a notepad file so that if something gets wrong you can paste original code back in to start again. There you will find a code for original theme which will look like this:

<?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?> is proudly powered by
<a href=””&gt;WordPress&lt;/a&gt;

place mouse right after the original code and press space bar and add your link. Click update and the footer will be changed

I’ve got same case with Dr.J, it seems raising a solution from colocated,

you might also wanna edit the style.css file located in same dir as mentioned above :tup:

just logon to your wordpress account,

  • in dashboard, find theme’s menu and click it.
  • click theme editor menu
  • find footer.php file on leftside of editor
  • click footer.php and edit it
  • when done, save it.

If you want to add links the best way I have come across doing it is making it look how you want it it a page and then take the html code and place it in the footer and center it.

I was facing some issue with editing because of some uncommon coding. I was not able to remove nor i was able to replace that code. Is there anything that can be done? If i change the theme i can do it easily but the theme i found is pretty nice and don’t want to loose it. :frowning:

Can you elaborate a little bit more please Colocated so we can help you out? Are you referring to working within the Wordpress Editor? It won’t allow you to update/edit the file? If so you need to change your chmod settings to 666 therefore allowing the files to be writable, make sure you change back when you’re finished :tup: If this isn’t the issue please let us know ok! :slight_smile:

I am using a WP theme called thesis and it has a plugin that allows me to put footer links easily.

So you might want to try using the thesis theme and the plugin called thesis openhook.

He just said he doesn’t want to change what theme he’s using. Please, please read before replying :slight_smile: