How do I add a module to the text of a basic page in drupal 7

I need some help. I am having some problems with the drupal donations module

I have done this before on this web site

But now I can;t remember how I did this.

How do I put this module on a page I am creating? When I go to create the page, there does not seem to be an option to past complex tables or controls on it. I just has a large empty text area to edit the body of the text

I think this is a simple thing.

I was able to find the setting for
Home >> Administration >> Configuration >> Web Services == PalPal donation
and that set up the control

So I know it is ready to plop into the page

How do I plop it into the page?

Are you using Paypal donations module? (Which I assume it is)

if so, Paypal donations module creates blocks that you can add to a block. Namely, you should have two blocks in Structure >> Blocks.

  • PayPal donation: single
  • PayPal donation: recurring

Enable them and use them. Simple :slight_smile:

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Thanks, brother. This answer led me to results. For any future reference, you add the blocks to a blank page by the block settings.

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