How disable link in WP calendar?

Latest WP and a plugin named My Calendar

When creating an event, the plugin automatically turns the title into a link that pops up a window meant for further info. Probably nice, I don’t know.

But I don’t want or need any links or popups. I simply want a word to be seen on a date. Have spent a day trying to figure out how to disable this obnoxious “linkification” to no avail.

Can someone here help out?

Update: eventually found a way with CSS to disable text-decoration. So, at least the events aren’t underlined anymore. They don’t look like links. But still, if someone clicks the text, this utterly useless window will pop up.

Put this in your theme or some plugin, whatever makes sense for your situation:

add_filter('mc_disable_link', function () {
    return true;

That should get rid of the links.


Thanks! Worked like charm!

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