How disable automatic updates in Kubuntu 20.04?

How can I disable automatic updates in Kubuntu 20.04?
Searching in Net I found a hint to use “Software & Updates” utility, but looks kde installation has no this app…

Also I did not find such functionality in System Settings or in Discover.

In Ubuntu, you can reach the settings by opening “Software Updater” and then using the “Settings” option.

However, it does say “Snap package updates are checked routinely and installed automatically”, and there is no option to turn that off. Other updates you can select how and when to update.

I did not find any “Software Updater” app in my system(I use KDE), not such options under “System Settings”. Also in Synaptic Package Manager I did not find any “Software Updater” . Please detalize where to find it? Maybe with printscreens.

I’m using Ubuntu, not Kubuntu, but I would have expected the basic packages to be the same.

In my Gnome menu, it’s in the section called “System Tools”, along with Synaptic, Settings, Start-Up Disk Creator, etc.

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