How difficultis CSS to learn?

Is CSS very hard to learn? I’m feel blocked learning it.

It’s a steep learning curve, like, learning the syntax and stuff like font colors/sizes/backgrounds are quite easy to learn, however layouts get into a whole new thing and it’s a learning curve, some grasp it better then others. CSS itself is quite easy once you get the hang of it. It’s really only browser bugs where anyone has any trouble, and learning fixes for those takes time and experience. If you hang around these forums you will see many bugs come up, remember when it happens (we will explain 99% of the time) and you will know the fix for next time :slight_smile:

Don’t feel anxious with CSS. It is very interesting. When you will show curiosity in it, you will take it as your darling amusement.

I’d suggest starting with the simple things like font styles and background colours then when you feel confident with that progress.

I do agree with the statement that is the bugs/inconstancies that typically complicate matters - or waste time - and if it weren’t for those it would be a lot easier task.

It wasn’t overly hard for me to learn. At the beginning of 2009 I knew very little and couldn’t code a layout for the life of me, but now don’t have a problem coding relatively simple layouts in a matter of say an hour.

How much experience do you have? Have you just started learning HTML as well? If you’re familiar with HTML already, you could try designing a basic website and then trying to code it, learning new things as you go along.

Otherwise, search for some beginner guides to learning CSS.

In my experience CSS is as hard but crackable. I havent cracked it but made good progress with sitepoint books and priceless help on this forum. Dont be put off, if your anything like me you may reach a point where you accept you wont be able to totally understand it but your good enough to know which bits can be glued together.

This forum is awesome, you will get all the help you need. good look :slight_smile:

it’s not always intuitive but it’s not impossible either. keep at it.

I agree. Take it slow. Work with the basics like colors, size, style, etc. Then move onto the block attributes like height, width, position, float, clear, etc. Play around with + and - numbers and notice what they do. Then if you’re really feeling brave dip into z-index and all the other stuff you’ll rarely use but can fix a pesky problem you’re having.

imo, go right to using tableless designs meaning just use DIV for block items. Play around with inline styles, in the tags themselves, first so you get immediate gratification. Then when you’re ready move to a style tag and/or seperate css file.

Once you get enough elements it might help to print out the structure with no content so you can see where all the elements are and how they’re nested. GL, it gets funner.

It takes time to learn CSS but once you get the hang of it… it’s really cool skill set.

Hi, from your user name I am guessing you are coming from a design background, is it print design?

I’m actually working on a resource at the moment to help people like you get up to speed with CSS quickly, it will be a while before that’s available. It does take a while to become productive with CSS - but make a start and ask for help on the this forum and all will become clear.

Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS is an excellent starting point.
Or if you are already familiar with tables for layout then you should get a copy of Designing Without Tables Using CSS

If you would rather jump right in post a screenshot of a web page you want to create - I’ll create the basic layout and walk you through which part does what.

I have been reading his posts from the GC and I think he has a background of clients and making sites…it’s just he has trouble learning everything and fixing bugs…that’s waht I was inferrred reading his posts :).

Then I’d suggest reading Designing Without Tables Using CSS as a good starting point and regularly asking for help in the forum - it’s a proven method, it’s how I became the enlightened individual I am today :wink:

You do need to have a good attitude toward learning though, this can’t be said enough. And good teachers - this forum has many.

Another Designer, I would point you to the following thread (on another of your questions)…

The post I made pretty much sum’s up the situation: CSS is a learning curve but you can pick it up on a sliding scale of complexity, you can learn the easy stuff first and then build upon the knowledge with more and more (and increasingly more technical) components, you don’t need to learn everything all at once. :slight_smile: