How design a website?

what programs or tools I need learn to become a Pro in building amazing websites? and I spend 10 hours /day learning and practicing, in how long I will create a nice website?

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Well development is all about you get what you put into it. There is no timeline on when you become good enough to create a great website. Mostly its just about taking the time to do it right and learning the process of doing it right. Mainly you will need some sort of code editor or IDE(Integrated development environment) and learn the basics such as html/css and javascript should get you in a good area to understand the process of building a website.

For Sure, If You work for 10 hour/day, You will be a great web developer. However Nobody can’t say that how much time will be enough. I mean in 3 months your will be a good web developer and after 6 moths you will be more better one.

If we talk about designing part, For designing the creativity matter a lot. I mean a web designer working from 1 year can make better design then a web designer working from 10 years, because it’s all about creativity.

However nobody can compete the hard working person

All design & development start with the basics. You could be a pro in PHP, Coldfusion, ASP or whatever. If you don’t have any knowledge of HTML an CSS you’re lost. So first make sure you know the basics

If you want to know more about design web, coding, you can try with from basic to pro. I am learning html on this. You can try it.

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