How Culture Can Influence the Success of Your Business

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After graduating from university, Lisa Spiden — the founder of FibreHR and Roster Right — embarked on a backpacking trip across Europe before eventually landing in London and, consequently, into Human Resources with HSBC Investment Bank and BC Global.

From there, she worked with several large organizations before taking on her first “commercial” human resources role with retail giant The Just Group, which largely influenced her understanding of how company culture affects business outcomes. It was the first role where Lisa experienced a true “sense of achievement” by being able to implement strategies and immediately see their effect on people and sales in store.

You could literally go into store the next day and see how it was actually affecting the people, you could see if it was actually working and if people were enjoying what you were doing – you could actually tell if it was making a difference to the business.

Recognized as an industry talent, several businesses soon approached Lisa to work as an HR consultant, which led to the launch of her first business, FibreHR. After working with big brands like Carmen’s and kikki.K, and having also launched her second business, Roster Right, one of the most important lessons Lisa has learned over the years is that culture begins from “minute one” and will always reflect the behavior of its leaders.

Gimmicks like basketball courts or “Friday night drinks” might sound appealing, and they can be great incentives, but they don’t ensure a positive or effective work environment on their own. Culture is created by both leaders and staff following the values of the business.

Culture includes value, and behavior of people on a day to day basis. The culture of staff and Leaders matters a lot like the good and bad behavior of people effects the business environment.

This is absolutely true. Our success is highly dependent upon our physical situation. Culture, national mentality, and many other different aspects influence our success.

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