How could I describe / define my site in as few words as possible?


I am working on a new site and 1 problem is a definition of it in as few words as possible.

When I think of the site I’m just can’t think of a precise, short definition as it has quite a few different things on it.

The site is Http://

It is a social network for North West Ireland, forum (Which is just an expansion of the social side but I think it compliments a social network), local classifieds (Not yet online, Im working on this in my local server, it includes auctions and regular classified listings), a business directory and the main other things content wise are a guide to local restaurants / takeaways and attractions.

I’m finding it difficult to sum the site up in as few words as possible, both for talking to people and for online marketing purposes.

Hopefully someone out there is a lot more creative than me and can help out :slight_smile:


Haha yep thats the best I have thought of which is good for offline marketing but for online marketing it would be great to have some keywords and targeted words that would help for users searching.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

“North West Ireland Social site” that’s one way to describe the site. If you’re looking for keywords, it’s best to let a seo guy help you with that!