How can you measure hash tag engagment?

Hi from 3 degrees C wet and freezing York UK,

I’d like to be able to report back on hash tag engagement. For example just how used is #York if that makes sense.

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

Hello Night Wing,

your question is really good, I hope I will give your answer properly. there are lots tracking tools for hashtag engagement, I recommend some tools name you can use it.
These all tools are very powerful for hashtag tracking.


There are so many tools for measuring hash tag engagement.


It also depend how you are using the hash tag.

E.g if you want a hash tag on New York then you can use two methods, one is #newyork and second is #new_york. The searches of #newyork tag will be higher then the second one. And one more thing hash tags are case sensitive.

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Grazie mille!

I’m also looking for a way to do this, thanks for the suggestions. Do you know if this will apply for Instagram as well as Twitter? I’m primarily interested in Instagram currently.

Great question - and answers! Up until now I wasn’t aware there was a way to measure hashtag engagement, as you put it, but this is really useful. Will have a look at some of the suggested tools :smiley:

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