How can you create a app like Instagram?

How can we create an app from scratch like instagram

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That is a very ambitious undertaking. What would you do to start planning such an application? Have you thought about the stack you would use, the basic structure required or maybe framework, the database tables you would use and their structure?

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What is your current code skill level?

I would suggest that you ask KevinSystrom and/or Mike Krieger for
a couple of copies of their very comprehensive construction manual. :rolleyes:

Then, starting at the beginning, you and your colleague(s) should
work your way, with the utmost diligence, to the very last page. :shifty:

Voilà, you will then have created a clone, just give it another name
like “Jiffygram” for example and you’re ready to go. :biggrin:


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There will be no use if you are creating an app like insta but if you can make something which adds better things on the top of insta then it wil be great.
Just for the sake f your knowledge, insta was initially built on HTML just to add effect and later became a platform to share photos. Ins=fact the real name wasn’t insta.

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