How can Write well?


I want to write professional looking articles, but when I start writing I feel, all is wrote by others. What I want to write, people have written already.:mad:

To be a good writer, i belive, you need to have a good knowledge on the englisg grammar, which is very important. then vocabulary… and you may consider yourself on the good road ! good luck!

Even the well crafted sentence won’t give you a perception of expertise if you don’t know your field.

I would highly recommend taking a couple of college course including English 101 and 102, maybe a literature course, a creative writing course, and maybe even a course in Logic. Overall, you need to be critiqued while you study, practice and improve.

In 1899, then Patent Commissioner, Charles H. Duell is infamously reported to have said, “everything that can be invented has been invented.”

Eighteen, Ninety-Nine. Pre transitors, radio, television, computers, world wars, manned space exploration …pretty much the entirety of the modern world we take for granted.

I have covered this. Sit in front of a brick wall. count three bricks up, five bricks across – then write about that one brick.

You won’t have that problem. It’s nonsense. Everyone uttering something similar is constantly being interrupted by someone finding a new wrinkle, a different perspective, a missed insight on the very subject.

I just castigated a web dev guy for posting a lengthy list and commentary of tutorials on CSS message boxes for form construction – that had not one thing about Writing Effective Message For Users. That was not a case of everything being written – it’s a case of user blindness endemic to web development.

Only in web dev land can one be befuddled that you can cite ten articles about the box around the message, each and every one with dummy text instead of a message, and not one article about likely user problems, or helpful messages (dare I suggest a variety of versions tested with users) that goes into the box.

The story there was an extreme focus on technology to the exclusion of the purpose for technology. Or, wherever there’s a crowd writing all about the Emperor’s New Clothes in minute detail, you’re missing a very interesting contrary story angle.

There’s nothing new under the sun (to coin a phrase). But there’s always another way to present a topic—such as with clar-it-y. (Most writers have never figured out that angle—the great undiscovered opportunity: explain a subject clearly, and you will be loved. :slight_smile: )

If you want to be a good writer follow some good directories like ezine, articledashboard read some articles there and get the idea.

To writing well is the matters of continuous learning and continuous practice.

As William K. Zinsser said in his famous ‘On Writing Well’ book:

"My purpose is not to teach good nonfiction or good journalism, but to teach good English that can be put to those uses, or to any uses. Don’t assume that bad English can still be good journalism, or good business writing, or good technical writing, or good travel writing, or good sports writing.

It can’t. Good English is your passport to wherever you need to go in your writing, your work and your life. All the writers I’ve quoted in this book are vastly different in personality and style. But all of them write good English. You can, too"

I think this can not be summed up better than that. It may be a leading principle to all of us.

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you can’t become a fat man by one day, you should try and correct it again and again .

for example, you should go to some popular blogs to learn how blogger to write .

Professionally-sounding articles are a product of thorough researches. Hence, extensive knowledge on your turf can largely help in coming up with writing articles. Expertise differentiates normal posts to posts worthy to be cited as reference.

A good command of the English language would also help. Word play can only be done by someone who has a good grasp of the language. Since every possible information had been written already, the competition is on the most comprehensive presentation possible. making concise and reader-friendly articles can increase your reader share.

A well written paper is not really the first one who ever published the information. It’s the article that was able to present it in the best way. Good luck on your writing!

Thanks everyone. Much appreciated :slight_smile: