How can we that the current IE is which version?

how can we that the current IE is which version?

Detecting the browser version is the most wrong thing you can do.

Instead, start from the very basics of what is needed (HTML content), and then progressively enhance it depending on the capabilities of what is available.

thanks for informative but me not professional like as you but me want to learning this,

You’ll want to spend a lot of time then with our Beginner’s Guide to Anything and Everything or more specifically, our [url=“”]Frequently Asked Questions About HTML

@sadiaali Are you just asking what version of IE you are using on your computer? Go to Help > About Internet Explorer to find out.

You can also target versions of IE with “conditional comments”. But as Paul says, make sure you really need to by checking your CSS and HTML first.

useful info thanks ralph.m

me think you have to some know job about it than you learned it very fast,thanks for your comments

you have any solution to deactivate timeline of facebook profile,

Not that I know of.

Users have been forced to upgrade. It’s doubtful that it will return. Timeline is of the future.

but me don’t like timeline nd me thinking to deactivate my fb account,it’s the solution of timeline,

That sounds more like a question for the social media forum as it is nothing to do with html. Please keep your questions on topic to the original question.

As the original question has been answered I’m closing the thread now and you can ask your social media questions in the appropriate forum.