How can we promote hundred of keywords at a time?

how can we promote hundred of keywords at a time ?

Make a list, and build links for each keyword? Why hundreds? Pick your top ones that will generate the most traffic and start from there. My experience is that the more short tail keywords you rank for, the more long tail keywords you pick up along the way.

Easy - you just need hundreds of pages each targetting a different one.

If you have a site where the content is relevant to those hundred keywords, that will happen automatically. In most cases, your content won’t be that diverse, so you’ll be more interested in a much more targeted set of words and phrases.

Instead of promoting hundred of keywords for the site, it’s good to choose some good searchable keywords for the site and try to optimize site for those keywords to get good result and ranking in the serp.

Make the list of relevant pages to the keywords and start directory submission of each page, write as blogs and articles and target2-3 different keywords per article/blog.

Promoting 100 keywords is bad idea. Select the important one and then do link building. You can do this in phases so you can keep count of the high ranking Keywords.

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No it isn’t. If your site contains thousands of web pages you will want to have a lot more keywords than that as you will not want to have dozens of pages all targetting the same keywords.

Got what you want to say. but will the idea of putting 100 keywords for a static website with 20-30 webpage will work ?

Targetting two or three per page is probably best so 100 is possibly slightly high if there are only 20 pages.

Promoting hundred keywords is relay difficult.Try to focus on 4 to 5 keywords.It will definitely work.

Try reading the posts already in the thread. Your comment makes no sense if you have more than two or three web pages. Once you get more than three web pages you will certainly need to target more than 5 keywords and if you have 2000 web pages then you probably need to be targetting about 4 or 5 thousand keywords not just 4 or 5. After all the search engine isn’t going to give you the top 2000 spots for the same keyword - you are really lucky if you can get two spots for the same keyword unless you have separate domains so it isn’t worth targetting the same keyword on more than two pages.

How many keywords you should be targetting is dependent on the number of pages you are trying to promote. For 100 keywords you should probably have about 30-50 pages.

In my opinion instead of promoting 100 keywords in one single time frame why not promote a targetted keywords which helps in making your website rank higher .

You wouldn’t be targetting them all at once. You’d target two or three for one web page and then move on to target the next two or three for the next web page. To need 100 keywords you’d probably have somewhere between 35 and 45 web pages on your site. Sincew they would be targetted keywords your comment is effectively saying:

“Instead of doing A why not do A instead.”

So please tell us how we can promote targetted keywords instead of promoting targetted keywords