How can use my webcam as a spy camera?

I want to use my web cam as a spy camera. I want to see the desktop and the person who operate the laptop. Any software system that provide this service?? Data must save my email or remote server using internet, not my hard disk.

Can’t you just password protect it so only you can use it?

sir, I have to get them access. But control their activity…

I think you can control a webcam using python with pygame. I did play around with that once.

Someone else may know how to do it in php if you prefer that over python. (I’m not the resident php expert.)

Then set up different user profiles. eg. you’re the “admin” and have access to everything, the other accounts have only the limited access you give them.

But if you can’t trust them about what they’re doing while using your computer, best not to let them use it IMHO