How can upload our photos on google search?

My question is that:- I want to see my picture on google image search, whenever any person open the google & image search & type my name “Puneet Kapoor” so he can see my picture on google image search…plz tell me about how can upload my picture? most urgent. :shifty::shifty::shifty::shifty::shifty:

you can’t upload it to Google directly, Google is a search engine not a photo hosting/sharing site like Flickr. Either create an account on Flickr or similar services and upload it there, or put together your own website with your image, giving it a proper name, title and alt attribute.

Then you have to wait till Google finds your image - you can speed up this process about which you can read in the FAQ on Search Engine Optimization at the top of this subforum.

Thanks for help & giving me good knowledge… Thanks buddy again…

you can also try a technique by putting images around a text and using file name that best describe the image … i tried it without using alt text and it works…

You can create your account in flicker or facebook & upload your pic in this site. This site is Internet Options in Control Panel to connect to the Internet.

Google search is not a photo uploader website. you can upload your photos to blogger, flickr, picasa web album, etc.

Well, if you want your pics to get listed in the search rankings of the google image search do the following things,

1 If you are using blog, install the plugin for image SEO
2 Upload your pics on various online image galleries or albums.
3 try to upload your pics on high pr websites with unique name

u will do image optimization like make ALT tags, title tags on Image.
your image is related for SEO so you put tag like SEO Services, only SEO, and use same title tags

See when you upload your photos on your Blog,Site,on any web media then when you
search you name as “puneet Kapoor” with images then google search engine will find
your images and will give you…!