How can remove the space between div?

Hi all I am designing a new site but I am facing a very strange issue when design the site in normal html with css it is fine however if I use php include for the header, navigation and footer I get a space between the <DIV> what I don’t understand it’s that happen when I use php include. Can some one help you can view a sample of the probleme here

Hi Neatweb, welcome to SitePoint.

It won’t be anything to do with the include per se, because once the page reaches the browser the PHP is all gone. It will be something in the HTML/CSS.

It would be best to post some code so we can tell you what’s causing the space. It may well be a case of collapsing margins.

Thanks for your reply, I will post the code later today, what is strange is that if design the sitye with header, nav and footer as part of the rest is work fine

Hmm, all an include normally does is store that code in another place and then stick it in when needed. From the browser’s point of view, there’s no difference. So something else must be operating here.

I see you’ve posted a link above.

What’s happening is that a byte order mark (BOM) is being added into your files by your code editor. This feature should be turned off.

Here are some links that might help:

Thanks Ralph I use dreamweaver so I will try to work around that to see if it fixes the problem thanks again

ralph thank you so much that has fix the problem