How can others connect to me?

I’ve used XAMPP to creat appache.And I’ve started appache.

Then I found my friends can’t visit my ipv4 but I can.After I studied it, I found it’s because mine starts with 192.168.So I changed ipv6.But it is still not achivable.What can I do?

Hi Kim,

At the end it is not so easy.

You have to differ between your internal network and the external network. The connection of this two networks is normally managed by your internet rooter. He is connecting to the internet, gets assigned an external ip address (which is normally only temporary) and then allows or disallows communication between this external network to the internal network.
Normally the rooter disallows direct access from the outside network to the internal network with a firewall.

So to shorten it.

To make other people able to connect to your local computer, you need to take a look at your routers configuration, find out which ip it has been assigned to from the internet provider, Route the incoming ip to the internal ip of your local computer and setup the firewall to open needed ports.
Also if it is manageable I strongly recommend not to do this! Because not only your friends can access your computer after you did it, but also everyone else and it is a very high risk to get found by a hackers bot and get hacked.


The keyword here is “Port Forwarding”.

As mentioned already, It is highly inadvisable to open your computer/private network to the world. XAMPP is a DEVELOPMENT tool only. It is not designed to be secure for the public internet.


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