How can my developer work on my website if it's blocked in his country?

My website is blocked in my developer’s country. How can my developer still work on the website (without unblocking it)? Would it be as simple as having him create/modify files on his own server, then having him send them to me?

Also, is there a way to access a website if the website owner has blocked certain countries from accessing it?

Your developer should be working on a local instance (copy) of your website in the first place. Working directly on the PRODUCTION website introduces significant risks namely brining down the entire site. Without any environment specifics I’m guessing it would be enough to provide the developer ftp access to the site so they can create a local copy of it.


I just read your question and it is already answered, But somewhere not completely. I just wanted to explain few other things which will help you in understand the concept of blocking.
1.There is no any way to access your site at the developer level, if the site is banned the only one which have already discussed.(Sharing access of FTP).
2.The 2nd part of the question which, I wanted to answer this 2nd part of your question and my answer is yes,Access of website is possible after restriction.Follow the link to read more.

@oddz is spot on the money with his reply, I think, @TheOutlier1

Regarding circumventing website blocks:

I feel compelled to note that asking people to bypass any Internet limitations set in place by their respective governments could possibly be dangerous for the developer involved. I’m presuming that you and/or they know the situation and know whether there’s any risks there, given the nature of your site, whatever it is, and of their country’s legislation, whatever that is… but just throwing that out there.

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