How Can increase and stay in Alexa Gloabal Ranking?

I am working with 3-4 sites indian & USA process.By some days alexa ranking of all sites are being down continuously and in one site some cover(improved). Can anyone reply with suitable reason?

I am waiting 4 positive reply…

They are <snip>, <snip> , <snip> (have come some trouble with <snip> from 27-09-2013 evening)

Alexa based on your backlinks and your visitors , if you lost backlinks or visitors it is normal that your rankings will drop

Try to get links from US hosted websites and make sure your links are live else you will be having fluctuation in your Alexa

Focus on more number of visitors, Alexa rank is based on Visits of website.

Tray to share your web pages with more number of peoples by different Social media activities and Off Page submissions.

There are many ways to improve your traffic like you can post fresh and viral content so that people can come and discuss, can do blog commenting, can share your articles on the social bookmarking websites, guest posting and also you can write short article about alexa and give link will help you a lot.

If you want to increase you alexa rank then do quality link-building, update your blog regularly and focus on SMO.

get more traffic if you want to increaase alexa rank. also keep it consisted over a longer period of time otherwise the rank won’t any sudden increases.

Alexa ranking depends upon the quality of your backlinks. If you have niche relevant backlinks then your Alexa ranking will be good as it capture more traffic. On the other hand if you have fewer backlinks and less visitors then definitely your ranking will drop down.

I think Alexa relies more on traffic quantity than backlinks. I had a site with only 1 backlink and dropped it’s ranking significantly from paid traffic. But as soon as the traffic stopped it quickly started to lose it’s low rank.

Get much quality backlinks , and for sure you need alot of trafic so alexa can rank you good :slight_smile:
BTW : ALexa is updating every month, so you dont need to check every day.

Important Tips or Secrets to Increase Alexa Ranking

1.Install Alexa Tool Bar

2.Claim your site:

3.Put Alexa Widget on your blog

4.Get Traffic From Bloggers and Techy guys

5.Write a review about Alexa on your blog

6.Ask your visitors to review your blog on Alexa

7.Comment on other blogs which are under the niche Blogging and Technology with good traffic and link back to your blog.

8.Update your blog regularly

9.Write quality posts

10.Share your posts on Social Networking sites

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I have a website. Please give me some tips to increase my Alexa rank.

if you want to increase alexa rank then you should make the several types of posting and build the back links to ur site. postings like blog commenting and forum posting as well as install the alexa bar installation on ur pc

I presume that you are talking about decreasing the Alexa rank.

Alexa rank is dependent on traffic that arrives on your site. If your site traffic is more, Alexa rank will reduce signifying that your content is valuable to your readers.

A website with Alexa rank <=100,000 is considered to be quite good in content and traffic as well.

Hope this helps.

Thanks everyone, the question has been thoroughly answered

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