How can i write unique contant?

How can i write unique content, although i didn’t write any content yet, even i have no knowledge to write on any subject, any body can suggest me to write unique content by the help of Google?

Do you want to write unique content in English?

There must be something that you have knowledge of to be able to write about. Nobody knows nothing at all.

What you need to do is to work out what you know most about and write about that.

Writing unique content needs lot of research on that particular topic, With the help of search engine you have to research on similar topics get the idea about it. For example if you want to write about some service, you should have the clear concepts about the topic. There are online plagiarism checker tools you can use to check the content.

Read a few sources about one topic, look how the same information can be expressed in different ways. Then, just try to describe it using what you remember :wink:

I keep a list of ideas that I come up with. Over time, when I want to add content, I will refer back to the list of ideas and see if I can find anything suitable. If I do, then I get started on it doing any research necessary. If I did not keep a list, when I wanted to add content I would have to rack my brain trying to think of things. Keeping the list is helpful.

Unique contents are those that aren’t written the same as that’s already written. You can research on topics that no one or few has ever written. Also, you can start looking over the social media and see what they everyone’s been talking about. Trending topics. You can write something out of that.

Here is something that I tell clients who are content challenged.

Imagine that you are talking to a friend at lunch about anything (The topic that you want to create the content for) and your friend was in trouble with that topic.

How many tips, tricks, strategies, ideas, recipes, stories, anecdotes, and solutions could you create simply based on your life experience?

That is where the heart of real life changing content comes from. Because, you would NEVER let a friend have an issue for long if you knew something that could make the issue go away.

I hope that helps… You got questions… I got answers.


Which Content do You want to write Web page content or normal content for submission…For Webpage content you need to describe more about business and for submission content you need to write information type content…

This title tool is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it can be a good starting-off point when you’re stuck.

This spreadsheet is also a goldmine of good, unique content ideas.

As for writing the content yourself, that’s the fun part – but no one can do it for you! :wink:

Research and passion. Take your time to research the topic and provide something of value. If it is just a rehash of something that is already out there, no one will find value in it!

If you don’t have any idea about the subject, then you can do the following things:

  1. Read more about the subject.
  2. Consult a content writer.

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