How can I view all my PayPal subscriptions?


The title says it. I have many, many PayPal subscriptions here and there and I need to see a list to cancel the uneeded ones.

Please help. Thanks.

Log in to your PayPal account, put your mouse over the “History” tab, and click “Basic Search”.

In the dropdown box called "Show: ", you’ll find “Subscriptions”.

Choose an appropriate date range and you’ll get a list of all your subscriptions and their statuses. The date range refers to when the subscriptions were started, not when associated payments were made.

Thanks Dan, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Much appreciated.

It looks like PayPal has changed things up a bit since this post was answered.

Does anyone know how I can find my subscriptions in PayPal for 2010? :rolleyes:

Thank you.

PayPal’s UI varies depending on what type of account you have and what services you’ve signed up for.

In mine right now:

[list][]In the top menu, click the History link.
]Below the date selection boxes, hover over the rightmost link “More Filters”, move your mouse over “Subscriptions and Agreements”, then click on “Subscriptions”.
[*]Change the date range to match the date the subscription you’re looking for was created.[/list]

Alternatively, do an advanced search for the e-mail address of your subscriber. Click any of his payments in the search results, and there will be an “In reference to: S-#######” link that brings you to the subscription page.

Wow…they really hide it, don’t they? Thanks!