How can i use Instagram API to post a comment whenever a new post happens?

i do need to make a comment when a new post get’s posted and that comment should be on the new post … i have never used Instagram so how can i simply do that ?
just like when the posts number get’s increased post the comment on the latest post

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Ok no problem.

I think part of the problem may be because of a misunderstanding as to what you want.

The topic title suggest you want to automate commenting on posts. This would be against Instagrams Terms. Unfortunately, some members read topic titles but miss reading the actual post.

The post suggests that what you want is to make it easier to comment on a post soon after it is made.

I am unfamiliar with the Instagram API, but I imagine there is some way to use it to “web hook” a post and have it trigger a “push notification” to you. In fact, it is possible such an app using the API in this way already exists. In any case AFAIK this would not be against the Terms.

eg. you would get a Notification something like “the member you are keeping tabs on just made a post” and you could then go to Instagram in the usual fashion (not bot) and leave your comment.

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