How can i use a clip as a symbol in another clip?

Hi everyone,
I have a clip (a “fla” file) which i want to use as a symbol in another clip (or “fla” file). Could anyone give me instructions of how it is done ?

Awesome - glad you could figure it out - That’s one way of doing it :slight_smile:

Hi EastCoast and thanks,
This is what i did:
I added the second “fla” file as many layers as there are in the first “fla” file giving it the same names.
I selected all the symbols of “fla a”, copied, and pasted at “fla b”.
I copied each layer’s tween of “fla a” and pasted at each paralel layer of “fla b”.
All mask pairs layers i selected and made “mask” and that how it worked for me.
Thanks a lot !

Thanks for your help.
Doing as you wrote, I did get all the symbols from the first clip into the second but not its motion tweens. So unfortunately i couldnt use your advise (or there was something i did wrong…)
Thanks a lot

Open both .fla files, then just copy and paste between the library panels for each.

Select all the frames in the file you want to put inside the other file, wile everything is selected go: Insert > New Symbol > select a movie clip from drop down. Paste all the frames in the timeline - hope this helps :slight_smile: