How can I tell what type of hosting my site has?

I’ve recently been put in charge of a site, and my first job is to move hosting companies. The current company includes their hosting as a part of their SEO services, and the site owner is looking to cancel those services. So he doesn’t really want to tip this company off before we move, just in case they decide to cancel the hosting. You never know for sure I guess.

So here’s my question. How do I find out what kind of hosting this website has?
I have the IP address, the server name, and the hosting companies name(a company separate from the SEO company), I even spoke with customerservice for that company and she couldn’t give me the information due to privacy issues. Is there anyway to find the hosting type either from the web or within the site itself?

If you know what hosting company it is then the first step would be to check out their web site to see what sorts of hosting that they offer. That should narrow it down at least a bit as it will at least eliminate those alternatives that the particular host doesn’t offer and it may narrow it down quite a lot since many hosts do not have a large range of alternatives.

It looks like they don’t offer traditional shared hosting. They have something comparable to VPS called Cloud Hosting, which I’m not too familiar with. Since the SEO company we’re working with has several clients for whom they offer “free” hosting to, might I assume that the site has pretty much the same as shared hosting?

One more issue here is that the site is run by cpanel, and I’m having a little bit of trouble trying to figure out what I’d have to do if I don’t have cpanel with the next host. While talking to GoDaddy about starting up a test site that mirrors this site, they said that they don’t offer cpanel for shared hosting(only VPS and above), and that cpanel is not used for shared hosting, period. I’m new to administering sites, especially larger ones, so while I’m suspect of that last comment I’m not sure. Is cpanel only available for VPS and above, or was that just a line?

cPanel is one of the most popular control panel for shared hosting. GoDaddy (who are primarily a domain registrar and only offer hosting on the side) are one of those who don’t offer that option. Instead GoDaddy offer their own proprietary version of the Plesk control panel. Plesk is another popular control panel on shared hosting but most hosting providers do not customise it as much as GoDaddy does (but then most don’t try to limit what you can do with a shared account as much as GoDaddy does either).

Your best option is to choose a hosting provider whose main business is web hosting rather than one that only offers it as a side business. At least then you know that they are giving most of their attention to making sure the hosting works properly.

If the current hosting is using cPanel then anywhere offering cPanel hosting should be a suitable substitute hosting.

I’d also agree that it doesn’t matter too much if you’re website is on shared hosting or not. If it’s suitable for shared hosting than you won’t have any problems with moving. Your new web hosting company should be able to move your website for you.


Honestly, I’d advise looking into another cPanel hosting provider - preferably one that will copy your account over for you. I know that HostGator will do this and I’ve used them in the past myself with positive results.

Moving a cPanel hosting to another cPanel hosting will be the fastest and smartest thing to do. In the past I’ve had issues moving some sites because some things that I did forgot - things that you never think of before is too late.

One more thing - you should check whether the new hosting company can move your website for you.

Find a reliable provider offering cPanel, much easier transition to move from cpanel to cpanel and most providers offer free migration assistance.

Best of luck!

Check your cPanel for your current plan’s specifications then…Go on your provider’s web site and see which plan those specifications match up with. If you have a custom plan, it will be harder to find out for sure.

Yes, the control panel should display some basic information about the hosting package. You can also check the web host site to see the plans they offer.

Good idea. However web hosting provider can offer custom plan for their customers.
I believe that will be only guess work in that direction.